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About ACMI

- Established In :1989
- Experience :Over 26 Years
- Workforce :250 Skilled Workers
- Product Quality :BS EN ISO 9002 in Recognition of its product quality and excellent products
- Market Interested :Worldwide
- Company No.: 239027-A
- Factory & Office Area: 343,296.72 sq.ft
- Banker: HSBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad

About Natural

FOAM IS THE CHOICE Polyurethanes, is a group of polymers with highly versatile properties and a wide range of commercial applications such as construction, automobile, refrigeration, furniture, adhesives and sealants, footwear, transportation,packaging and coatings. Polyurethanes are usually formed by reacting polyols with isocyanates and additives such as surfactant, blowing agent, crosslinker, flame retardant, antioxidants and others. Currently, most of the commercially available polyols are petrochemical-based. However, with the increasing concern of the rapidly depleting mineral oils and environmental issue, the use of renewable resource for the production of polyols, with comparable properties and characteristics of petrochemical-based polyols is highly desirable.

About Honey

Wansern Marketing is one of the product distribution and customer care subsidiary company of Wansern Foam Ind Sdn Bhd. “Honey” is one of the product brand distributed by Wansern Marketing with variety Bedroom Furniture included mattress, pillow, Cushion and etc to South East Asia market. The definition customer care of Wansern MarKeting sales team is committed to offer all customers with friendliness and hospitality services. Furthermore, we are looking into customer needs to provide the comfortable mattress by reliable manufacturer in order to give you a valuable life.


Eurosteel Line Sdn Bhd, a company specializing in Steel Storage Cabinets, is part of EURO-Group; a public-listed, diversified and highly renowned market leader and global player in the metal office furniture industry.

Backed by a group-wide work force of approximately 700 employees and sales network that spans across five continents, EURO-Group is one of the largest Asian Office Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter specializing in Office Chairs, Workstations & Steel Storages.

Proudly standing out as one of the most completely equipped office furniture manufacturer, Eurosteel Line’s wide range of sophisticated, highly versatile and cost-effective office furniture storage systems is testament to its on-going commitment towards investing in only the most advanced manufacturing facilities.

Integrating state-of-the-art fully computerized and automated office furniture production systems with advanced Bending, Punching, Laser Cutting and Powder Coating machines, coupled with Eurosteel Line’s proven manufacturing methodology, valued customers are not only guaranteed of products of the highest quality and reliability from Eurosteel Line, but are also guaranteed with the highest value-for-money and timely delivery.

Each EURO Product is a piece of art, built upon unrivalled reputation for excellence in quality, design, reliability, versatility and competitive pricing through continuous research and refinement.

Pioneering the office furniture industries in Malaysia, EURO is a brand that is synonymous to breath-taking design and yet practical in usage, making it the one of the most sought-after steel furniture solutions provider in Asia, Oceania, Australasia, the Middle-East and Europe.

EURO steel’s award-winnin Metal Storage Systems and Solutions are offered in a complete range of sleek and versatile product lines and categories, adapting seamlessly to any type of office space, usage and application;